TripleClicks & Rewardicals

Additional Information

TripleClicks "TCredits" are used for bidding in our Astro Auctions, selling unwanted items on TripleClicks, and playing in any of our games where a TCredit is required.. (They are similar to E Currency but if not used within 1 year they will expire, and can only be used at TripleClicks) They are available in packs of 1, 10, 20, 50, and 200...and for as little as $0.29 apiece.

Whenever you place a bid in our Astro Auctions or play any of our games you earn Rewardicals redeemable for a multitude of free items including a TripleClicks Gift Certificate, Bitcoins, our TripleClicks 1 Troy ounce Silver Ingot (availability varies with what is able to be redeemed based on your total amount of Rewardicals in your Account.)